DMing is hard enough as it is, you need something that just works. Tarrasque.io lets you run an entire session through a single interface.

  • Intuitive, simple, and easy-to-learn interface
  • Strips away the complexities of modern tools
  • Allows you to focus on the things that really matter

Touch Support

Tarrasque.io is built from the ground up with a mobile-first approach! Pretty much everything you can do on your desktop, you can do on your tablet or mobile.

Combat Tracker

Fully-fledged and customizable. You can choose to show HP bars and indicate the active combatant on the map. No need to use an external tool.

Snap to Grid

A grid that makes sense and works for you. You align the grid to your map, not the other way around. No more having to resize your map to make it fit the existing grid!

Stat Blocks

Fully editable and homebrew-friendly stat blocks! No need to learn a different UI for editing - it's exactly the same as its read-only counterpart.

Area of Effect

"I cast Fireball". With the shape tool, you can draw rectangles, circles, and triangles, so you can visualize exactly which creatures are affected by spells or abilities!

Freehand Draw

Sometimes a picture isn't worth a thousand words. Especially when that picture is of a cart - and that cart is on fire. Bring your maps to life by adding your own touch of paint to them.

Fog of War

Hide and reveal areas with ease without wasting precious time at the table. Resize or move your hidden/revealed areas as needed without any hassle!

Combat Notes

A monster got hit by Acid Arrow? Don't wait for your players to remind you to deal damage at the end of its next turn. Surprise your players by noting that down!

Ping Location

You and your guests can double click anywhere on the battle map to ping a location that everyone can see on their screens!

Dice Roller

Powerful dice roller for playing online or for when you just don't have enough dice! Just kidding, you have too many dice already.

Auto Roller

Not every goblin is like the rest. Increase immersion by allowing monsters to have varied HP based on their hit dice! Or just use the average HP, it's totally up to you.

HP Adjuster

Death to maths! Nobody wants to try and divide 232 by 13 at the table. Just use the built-in adjuster to either heal or damage a combatant on the fly.

All The Storage

Never downsize your maps to fit the upload limit. Your maps deserve better. With the Titan and Legend tiers, you get 1 and 5 GB of storage space respectively.

Present on a TV

No peeking behind the DM screen! Stream on another monitor and show your players only what you intend them to see.

Encounter Difficulty

Plan and prepare your encounters and award XP straight from your VTT. No need to switch applications. Just don't have them fight a Tarrasque - or do.

Share Map

Effortlessly share your battle map with friends locally or online. You choose which maps they can and which maps they can't see.

Redirect Players

Finished playing on a map but the session isn't over? Just click a button and your players will be redirected to the new battle map. No need to follow a new link.

Import Data

Have a lot of homebrew or SRD monsters you want, but don't want to do it manually? Maybe moving from another VTT or Combat Tracker? The monster and spell importer is here for you.

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