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DMing is hard enough and time-consuming as it is - you need something that just works. allows you to run an entire session through a single interface by removing the complexities of modern tools, while remaining powerful and intuitive.


Touch Support

Touch Support is built from the ground up with a mobile-first approach. Everything you can do on your desktop, you can do on your tablet or mobile!

Combat Tracker

Combat Tracker

Fully-fledged and customizable. You can choose to show HP bars and indicate the active combatant on the map. No need to use an external tool.

Conditions & Status Effects

Conditions & Status Effects

Never forget that a creature is concentrating on a spell or that it's poisoned again! Token markers allow you to add status indicators for just about anything you can think of.

Stat Blocks

Stat Blocks

Fully editable and homebrew-friendly stat blocks! No need to learn a different UI for editing - it's exactly the same as its read-only counterpart.

User Quotes

"Your product was a perfect accentuation to what I was already doing. That was my favorite feature - it didn't give me more to learn. It just allowed me to run my game as if there was a table between us."


" is exactly what I needed. It's simplified, intuitive, and available on all of my devices. Even for last-minute sessions, takes me from zero to prepared in just a few minutes. Highly recommended!"

Mike F.

"I was looking for a program that all my players could use without having to learn a suite of software and boy did deliver. Does exactly what I want it to while remaining simple to use."


Made with ❤️

Hi, I'm Richard 👋 I'm a software engineer, husky owner, and avid coffee drinker. I created in my free time to help Dungeon Masters focus on the things that really matter at the table. I'm actively working on new features and try to release updates at least once a week! Get in touch.


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