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Map Tools

At the top left of your Battle Map, you'll see the Toolbar. This is where all of your main tools for controlling the map live. You can mouse-over each of the map tools to see their name and their associated Keyboard Shortcut.

The active tool is displayed at the top of the toolbar in a brown color. You can click this to toggle the visibility of the toolbar.

  • The Select tool is used for moving and resizing tokens and shapes. This will be the bread-and-butter of your interaction with
  • The Pan tool is used for moving the map, as well as zooming in or out.
  • The Fog tool (GM-only) is used for creating a "Fog of War" area. This allows you to hide or reveal specific areas of the map from your players.
  • The Draw tool is used for freehand drawing on the map. You can draw anything you like, the only limit is your imagination.
  • The Shape tool is used for creating "Area of Effect" shapes. This allows you to indicate spell and ability effects that form a rectangle, circle, or triangle.
  • The Measure tool allows you to measure distances across the map.
  • The Note tool (GM-only) allows you to create DM-only notes for a map.

The general rule of thumb is this: each entity on the map responds only to its associated tool. This is similar to the concept of layers that a lot of virtual tabletops have. Tokens can only be moved with the Select tool, fog can only be modified with the Fog tool, and Area of Effect shapes can only be created with the Shape tool.

Keyboard Shortcuts‚Äč

If you're using a keyboard, it is highly recommend getting used to the keyboard shortcuts - it makes things so much faster. There are also a few more things you can do to be a bit more efficient:

  • When you have the Fog tool selected, you can quickly switch between the Hide and Reveal modes by pressing the keyboard shortcut for Fog
  • When you have the Draw tool selected, you can quickly switch between Brush and Eraser modes by pressing the keyboard shortcut for Draw
  • When using the Shape tool, you can repeatedly tap its keyboard shortcut to switch between the selected shapes (rectangle, circle, triangle)