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Rolling dice

A tabletop role-playing game wouldn't be complete without the ability to roll some dice. lets you do that, with style.

To begin, click on the Dice Roller button on the Bottom Bar. This will pop up the dice tray.

From there, type the dice notation (e.g. 2d6+12) and press Roll. You can also press on any of the dice icons to add them to your equation without having to type anything.

When you press Roll, the dice roller backdrop will appear. This will show you the final result of your roll, as well as the individual dice roll results used to generate it.


You can press Reroll on the Dice Roller backdrop to reroll any dice notation without having to type it again.


If your Campaign Settings are set to not share rolls automatically with your players, you'll also see a "Share In Chat" button. This will allow you to share an individual roll with your players in chat.